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Vow renewals have become one of our favorite ceremonies to officiate ~ for there is a depth of appreciation and an unmatched dedication between those who have been together through thick and thin. How fascinating it is to spend time with couples who have been together for years ... they seem to have a deep knowing about life ... an understanding about how to make something work ... a level of appreciation that not everyone possesses. These couples are inspiring. And we are honored to be such an integral part of the reaffirmation of a deep love.


Vow renewals come in all different shapes and sizes. Some couples choose to renew their vows every five years, some folks incorporate a 50th or 60th vow renewal into the activities of a family reunion, and others celebrate their re-affirmation upon reuniting after a time of separation. Quite often children and family members are involved in these ceremonies.


Whether you've been married for 50 days or 50 years, the celebration of renewing your vows is a moment out of time to honor your path as a couple, to pay tribute to the challenges you've overcome, and to re-dedicate yourselves to one another in mutual respect and unity.

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