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The "Blessing of the Fleet" is a tradition that began centuries ago in Mediterranean fishing communities and was performed to ensure a safe and bountiful season. The events that were part of the ritual varied by community and ranged from a simple ceremony to a multi-day festival.

In this day and age, here in Southwest Florida, we offer a more modern style of boat blessing.   The intention of our boat blessings is to imbue the vessel and its crew with safety, security and success. Our boat blessings are a celebration of the beauty of being on the water, the breath of wind in the sails, sunshine on the bow and the soft fragrance of the ocean air.

Whether you're naming or renaming a new boat or revitalizing your favorite vessel, our boat blessings are created based on your intentions and wishes. Of course we are not opposed to incorporating the time-honored boat christening tradition which includes the smashing of a champagne bottle across the ship's bow! 

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