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Congratulations on welcoming a new life into the world! Whether you've just had a new baby or you're adotping a child, we would be delighted to help you celebrate this important moment in your family's life story. We offer a personalized ceremony to welcome, bless or name your baby or child and we happily create the ceremony based on your spiritual and personal preferences.


Baby blessings and welcoming ceremonies are created to celebrate your child's unique spirit along with your commitment and promise as a parent. A baby naming ceremony offers the opportunity to reflect on the meaning behind the child's name, often honoring loved ones from the past and celebrating the future as the little one is initiated into the family and community.


There are countless ways to incorporate the various spiritual and cultural traditions of baptisms and baby naming rituals. You may choose to include traditional religious verses, readings from literature, poetry or music. It is quite common to include the participation of siblings, grandparents and godparents in the ceremony as well.


Baby blessing ceremonies can take place in any type of location, from your home, to your garden, to the beach, to a community gathering space or church. Whatever the venue, these celebrations are a true expression of joy, hope and acceptance.

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